Meet the Team

Our partner group has been manufacturing products, building brands and outfitting teams for years. We're sports dads who live and work in the St. Louis area looking to turn our business expertise into a better sports experience for our kids. 

Our mission is to provide you, our clients, with sports and entertainment keepsakes that exceed your expectations for distinctiveness, quality, craftsmanship and value.


We’re here to help you build new traditions, to raise expectations and turn your event participants into advocates. 


Zach Hickert, First Place Collectibles

Meet Zach Hickert: Former shoe designer and production manager for Easton Cleated, Mitre Soccer, Men's Rocket Dog and Crevo. Cooperstown team trading-pin designer and production artist. Sports dad and budding entrepreneur.



Larry Puzniak, First Place Collectibles

Meet Larry Puzniak: Marketing consultant and brand strategist for SMBs including: Malaska Golf, Kitchen Club Kids, Waterway Carwash and Powered By Hope. Just a season away from being a little league coach and fully immersed in sports-dadism.


First Place Collectibles may be a new entity,  but our partner group has been manufacturing products,  building brands and outfitting teams for years. We proudly serve the youth sports market, support local organizations and create custom collectibles that ensure your memories will stand the test of time. 

We offer factory-direct relationships forged in the heart of the Midwest. Everything we create is priced to deliver. From concept and design to shipping and delivery,  the price we quote is the price you pay,  door to door. 

Let us put our experience to work for you,  so you can focus on making your seasons, tournaments and events as successful and memorable as possible. We just want the chance to earn your business.